Governing Board

Honoré Mercier's governing board is composed of the principal, parents, teachers, representatives of both the non-teaching professionals and support staff, day care as well as community representatives who work in partnership to ensure that all students receive the best possible learning opportunities. The powers and functions of the governing board are related to four areas: general, educational services, community services and physical and financial resources.

The current composition of the Honoré Mercier Governing Board (2018-2019) is as follows:

Chloé Tetrault
Daniella Buttino (Daycare)
Julie Verrillo (Pre-K)
Parent Representatives: Robert Panetta
Angelo Irrera (Treasurer)
Felice Petraglia (Alternate Regional Deligate)
Tony Campione (Regional Deligate)
Lina Racaniello (Secretary)
Verena Garofalo
Mark Saraccino (Chairman)
Teaching Staff Representatives: Peter Tsatoumas
Cristina Campanella
George Anthopoulos
Laurie Giangaspero
Gaétane Sanolus
Angie Di Lella
Community Representatives: Frank Verrillo
Principal: Sonia Marotta
Vice-Principal: Christina Voggas
Non-Teaching Professional: Julie Verrillo
Daycare: Daniela Buttino

Governing Board Documents

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Minutes Oct 2018 - Apr 2019

Governing Board

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Minutes September 2018

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Governing Board Manual 2018

Governing Board

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