Activities and Field Trips

Educational Field Trips and Outings

Field trips are an enhancement to our curriculum and are regarded as an important part of the learning experience. At Honoré Mercier, we complement classroom education by taking all students on several field trips during the school year. These outings are intended to promote an appreciation of culture, the environment, or physical fitness.

A new calendar of field trips is developed each year. Field trips may include those to the theater, to the symphony, to the apple orchard and to provincial parks and nature centres. Beyond their educational benefits, these outings create opportunities to foster whenever possible, cross-grade bonds of friendship and mutual respect.

Athletics Academics Arts and Music School Events
GMAA Sports Tournaments Storytelling Festival Theatrical Productions Jungle Sport
Ski Week Science Fair Musical Concerts Fundraising
Basketball and Volleyball Book Fair School Choir Kinderfest
Karate Homework Program   Fun in the Sun Day
      I Love to Read Week